Page 5 Advertisements Column 4

New Zealand Herald, 10 June 1895

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The entertainment arranged by Mr. F. M. Alexander at the City Hall on Thursday next is certainly a novel one. Outside of his sketches from life he is to appear as Sir Peter Teazle, the Duke of Aranzi, and Sir Anthony Absolute. To see an artist pourtray these three difficult characters in the same evening is a treat that is very rare, and Mr. Alexander has played Sir Peter and the Duke, in Australia and Tasmania with the greatest success, but will make his first appearance as Sir Anthony. In these scenes he will be supported by Madame Goldenstedt and Mr. J. P. Montague. Vocal items will be rendered by Madame Goldenstedt, Miss Katie Fitzpatrick, Mr. A. L. Edwards, and other leadng artists.

Page 5 Advertisements Column 4, New Zealand Herald, Volume XXXII, Issue 9842, 10 June 1895



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