Page 5 Advertisements Column 3

New Zealand Herald, 10 August 1895

Papers Past (National Library of New Zealand)から。広告に登場するロイゼット教授は職業としての教授ではない。F.M.アレクサンダーが翌年(1896年)4月にニューヨークへ行くことが報じられたが、実際には行かずに教育活動をメルボルンに戻っておこなった。

...A copy of the very eulogistic testimonial handed to Mr. F. M. Alexander by Professor Loisette appears in our advertising columns. Mr. Alexander is to meet the Professor in New York in April next, when he will make public appearances in that city. On this account his stay in Auckland is limited, and all interested in natural elocution, voice production, the cure of defective voices, and the art of correct breathing should not miss this opportunity of studying under this able artist..."

Page 5 Advertisements Column 3, New Zealand Herald, Volume XXXII, Issue 9895, 10 August 1895



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